Hubby Wifey Couple Sweatshirt

Here we have in our catalog Hubby Wifey Couple Sweatshirts which you can present as a gift to your partner. If you are tired of routine dresses and thinking to get something mind-blowingly stylish, you can check out these Sweatshirts. *Product Description. You will have two matching sweatshirts in one packing. 100% high-quality cotton fabric is used to make these sweatshirts. Doubled-stiched bottom and round neck are designed to make you feel comfortable. Five different high-visibility colors, i.e., white, black, navy, grey, and red, are available. Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, 2,3 Extra Large sizes made these sweatshirts for a couple of ages and sizes. You will get a 14% discount on these sweatshirts. *Design Description. One Sweatshirt will have the letters H.U.B.B.Y, and one Sweatshirt will have the letters W.I.F.E.Y. The letters will be printed in a stylish font. The sweatshirts' colors will be of your choice, but the letters' color will remain white with colorful dots. *Washing and Drying Instructions. Washing your clothes, especially the clothes with printed graphics, in cold water is recommended. Letting your clothes to natural air dry is always the best idea as it saves the colors and graphics from damage.